Campaign Platform

Let's make the next decade better

for our next generation

Our state is not moving forward, but this November, we say enough is enough of the same old stagnant ideas! 

Chris's fresh perspective is laser-focused on solutions that can help our ENTIRE community, such as:

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Servant Leadership

Focused on being a community leader, not a career politician.

To guarantee my top priority remains representing our community in Columbia, not on personal gain, I pledge to:

  1. Begin a tradition of quarterly town halls in all areas of the district to hear about the issues facing our community

  2. Serve no more than two terms; my commitment is to you, not my career.

  3. Prioritize addressing local emergencies (like the Belton Water Crisis); 
    I care about what you care about, not furthering a political agenda


Inflation and
The Economy

Let's build an economy where
everyone gets ahead

Inflation is at twenty year highs and wage growth is failing to keep up; it's time that every job paid a living wage.

Despite recent economic growth, all South Carolinians have not enjoyed the benefits; let's empower every South Carolinian with job re-training programs, including specialized training and support workshops for SC farmers.

School Bus & Children


Let's build an Education system where everyone can thrive

South Carolina faces a historic teacher shortage and our students are paying the price with larger class sizes;

let's prioritize teacher retention and increase the base teacher salary.

Let's make sure every South Carolina graduate is prepared for financial success;

let's integrate financial education into the K-12 curriculum. 

School is not a place for hate to spread; anti-LGBTQ legislation has no place in South Carolina.

Image by Thomas Def

Gun Rights and Reform

Gun violence is an epidemic in our state; let's implement common sense gun reform.

The Second Amendment is enshrined in our Constitution; to protect it and our state,
we can enforce common-sense gun reform laws to keep guns in the hands of responsible citizens, not threats to our community. 
Solutions like:

  1. A clear background check needed for each gun sale

  2. Closing the Gun Show Loophole

  3. Funding Community-Based Violence Intervention

Our campaign has been awarded the 2022 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction

Woman & Doctor

Health Care

Health care costs are out of control and access to care is under attack; politics should not prevent care.

The South Carolina State Government should not be keeping South Carolinians from health care as provided by the Affordable Care Act; We must expand Medicaid immediately and provide access to health care to the underinsured. 

The SC House should not legislate on matters between a woman and her doctor; reproductive rights are a key aspect of health care and I'm proud to be the pro-choice candidate in the race.

The opioid epidemic continues to wreak havoc on our communities; legalizing recreational and medicinal cannabis leads to less opioid-related deaths and increased tax revenue for our state for drug rehabilitation treatment and other state priorities.

Lake View

Conservation and Sustainability

SC has world-class hunting, fishing, and beaches; let's keep it that way.

South Carolina's current energy mix has not caught up to the 21st Century;
let's transition to 100% renewable energy sources by 2050.

The great outdoors are vital to our way of life;
we need to double the amount of protected land and water in SC before 2050 as we pursue future development.

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